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Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's been a while.

It has been almost 3 months since I last wrote. I have a lot in mind but just can't find time to write it out (poyo konon bz). Hehee, but true. It has been a hectic final semester. both memorable, and horrible. Oke, let me start with the horrible ones eh?

  1. Completing the Plant Design Project was the horrorest of the horror. Designed an absorber for a plant in 1 night. Yes people. 1 night. Individually.
  2. Final Year Project progress report also in one night. Did not sleep all the way until 5pm the next day, the exact due for the submission. Print report @ 4.55pm. Hanta binding @ 5.00pm. Ditambah hujan lebat, cover depan report habes rosak basah sebab koop da habis plastik cover depan. 5.10pm repot selamat disubmit. Yeyeah.
  3. Plant design Project nye presentation was in between two tests. Mmg x sempat prepare 100%. The day of the presentation, dah la x sempat habis present my part. In the end the evaluator asked me to present my friend's part, x cukup dengan tu, ditembak dgn soalan bertubi2 selama 1 jam. U made my day perfect Mr. Evaluator.
  4. Last Sunday, I completed 3 projects in one day. I even typed my work in the car on my way back to UTP from KL.Tak pernah dibuat seumur hidup.
Ahh. yg penting Plant Design Project da habes! Yehooooo!! Tinggal Final Year Project and exams je! :D

I am happy, knowing that we will complete our study in 1 month. Insyaallah. But the fact that this 5 year and a half living in UTP is coming to an end, makes me sad. T_T. We made a lot of memories this semester. Despite of all the burdens and tiredness, we still have time to have fun, making memories while we are still here, hoping that one day, we can go back thru all the pictures, and smile :)

Now I want to share with u the MEMORIES WE MADE this semester. Jeng jeng jeng...

Career Talk yg bosan. Memori jugak. Hee.

Kitorang maen futsal jugak yow. Tapi jatuh terjelepek atas pipi.

And we went to Penang jugak :))

Swimming pool skek

Zorro tepi pantai skek =B

Kedai steamboat kat manjung. Syabu2. Xde name laen ke. seriously. Syabu? Shabu?

Rainy day @ Taiping

Mee udang Mak Jah @ Taiping. The udangs say it all :O

MCKK Kuala Kangsar :)

Lunch conversation: 'Bosanla. nak watpe?'
'Cameron jom!'

Testing/Tasting out Pappa Rich. Not bad ;)

Tutti Frutti! xyah g Indon cari frozen yogurt dah :D

Plant Design Project group. Walaupun PDP adalah horror, u guys are the best!

Bz bz pun kami sempat jamming bawah blok =]

And sempat masuk UTP's Battle of the Band competition. (Nampak ninja turtle x?)

Azam's birthday prank. Sorry Azam!

Banyak kan bole wat dlm 3 bulan? MEMORIES :') Seriously, I want to cry now.

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