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Saturday, December 4, 2010

I ♥ Junksale!

Went to Leftblock Junksale with Maria. Packed with awesome stuff! And awesome people too! But the place is a bit too small for the cool event, but hey, we had fun! :D

I can't believe I met these cool bloggers! Selama ni tgk dalam alam maya je! From left Shea, me, Jezmine, Adriani, Ami & Yani.They are all sweet & friendly :))

 After sale session @ Wondermilk. Bole x pg wondermilk tp terlupa makan cupcakes?

Thank u Maria for bringing me there & thanks Balqis for joining us!! Love u guys muahhhxxx sejuta kali!


edlidza said...

cool !!!!! nex time nak itut gakkk :P

bellabelon said...

jom jom!

sue. said...

ok. i love that girl darling..shea yanny jezmine n maria..tau....hee

SyEraa said...

chomel wooo blog ni~~suke3!!


bellabelon said...

thank u syeraa dear :D