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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hidden Talent

Not only did I became a Tarzan , I also learned that..

I can play futsal in the middle of the sea..

Eat 6 perfect meals in one day..


Blow a fire ;)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Watched the premiere of Transformers : Dark of the Moon last night.

One word.


 And this girl?

Double awesome bebeh.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday in Borneo

Lunched at an Italian restaurant with the girls, shopped during sales, took a walk along the beach on a cloudy, dreamy Sunday.

Just, perfect ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tarzan Laut

Last week, in the middle of the sea, I became a tarzan. Free je training.

Here's the story. One day came our duty to go work in the middle of the sea. It was a rainy day,a heavy one. Went through all the dizzy2 mabuk laut muntah2 on the boat. When we reached the platform, the rain became heavier. Now we had to jump to the the platform using the rope, as pictured above. (cantiknye lukisan!) There were 4 of us with one mission. To get on the platform.

So my colleagues went on, one by one..got on the rope & jump, reached the platform successfully. I was the last person to jump. I was always the last person for everything.

When my turn came...the big wave came & made the boat further away from the platform..

and the boat was shaken up & down aggressively. Why all these things happened to me T_T

 I swear it was exactly like the picture above. It was as high as 3-4 meters.  I was screaming (dalam hati la sebab nak tunjuk cool.) & my colleagues who made through the platform were speechless. Agaknye dorg pon takut. What if I jump & fall right into the sea? What if I terkepit tgh2 between kapal & sea deck tu? Rasa mcm nak cakap dgn org kapal " Bang, saya nak balik darat balik la. Xnak lompat." Tapi x macho la kan. Hihi.. So..

I jumped. Right away. Without thinking. I knew I had to go through this.Takkan nak patah balik darat n go through the muntah2 phase balik? When I reached the platform, the boat went up about 3 metres high behind me. My colleagues went " Woah! Woah!" & clapping for me as if they were watching circus T_T 

Alhamdulillah sampai jgk ats platform, safely ;') Rasa mcm tarzan yg cool tapi dalam hati, pergh, kencang. Mengucap banyak kali. Kids, don't try this at home.

FYI, in a normal weather, the boat transfer would be easy. Just langkah je dari boat to platform. But that day was the bad day where the ribut came. So hmm. Mcm tu lah. Bila teringat2 balik, hmm patut lah jadi camtu Belon, ko tak baca doa naik kenderaan masa pegi. Sape suruh.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

Nangka Busuk

Saya orang tua berjiwa muda. Maka ayah bawak saya ke sini.

LeX Slide @ Empire Subang.

Sapa rasa malas nak turun dari tingkat atas sampai bawah macam saya sila lah naik. Tapi kalau sakit jantung wa x jamin aa ;P

Mula2 naik pergh bukan main " Senang je ni, macam naik gelongsor kat playground tu."

Sampai2 bawah..

Jatuh macam nangka busuk.

Laju gile turun rasa mcm jantung tertinggal kat atas.

Ayah dah tergelak2 "Nape muka Nabila pucat?"


Hee thank u ayah layan anak yg dah tua bangka ni B)

Daddy's Love

On my flight back to KL, a little Chinese girl sat beside me. And her father sat on her right. She's a curious little girl, I believed that was her first flight. The first 2 hours of the flight, she kept asking her father about the flight, why this why that. I think so, because she was speaking in Mandarin. Hehee. But her fingers pointing to every single thing on the plane showed it all. And her father, being so kind and fatherly, never failed to answer every single questions. Me, on the other hand, a perfect stranger, who thought that the idea of sleeping during the whole journey was the best idea since I only slept 3 hours the night before, watched them with my eyes wide awake. Her father patiently layan her daughter for a good 2 hours, and the last half an hour was spent cuddling her daughter who slept in his arms. I felt the love. And senyum sorg2 ;)

Suddenly my father appeared on my mind. When I was a kid he used to tepuk2 me until I felt asleep, and bought me all the McD's Happy Meal toys everytime the new model was out. He's such a great father =') 

He's working outside Malaysia and I only see him 4 times a year. This time, he's waiting for me at home. And when I reached home. I saw him, waiting at the door.

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing ur loved one waiting 4 u at the door ;') I spent a good 4 days with him. And he loves the butang baju melayu I bought for him. He wore it straight away ;')

Nabila tak sempat celebr8 Father's Day dgn ayah nanti. But know that u are always in my heart.

I luv u ayah 

P/s: Sape2 yang duduk dekat2 dgn ayah tu peluk lah ayah awak selalu ;)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Of Hijab

This adorable little girl did a tutorial on wearing hijab.

I should definitely try this at home ;)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ape lah.

Wear different kind of jumpsuit lately.

Excuse the polka dot socks.
I looked like teletubbies.

My work requires me to go 90km in the middle of the sea. Explains the tanned face. Hehee.
We went there by boat. I was fine during the trip from land to the sea. No sea sick at all. Chewah blagak habis kt smua org sbab x muntah. hee.

But on the boat trip back to the land..

Colleague: Bell, makan la sea sick pill ni. nanti boat goyang2, pening.

Belon: Xpelah I oke je. X sea sick pon. (Muka berlagak)

Colleague: Oke.. tapi nanti naik boat duduk la luar. Kalau duduk dalam boat nanti pening jugak.

Belon: Tapi kat luar panas.. Nak duduk dalam la boleh? (Muka berlagak lagi)

Colleague: Oke.. (muka pasrah)

15mins later, I started to feel dizzy.. angin semua naik kepala goyang2 duduk tak senang.

So I went out to my colleague..

Belon: Kepala pening.. rasa nak muntah..

Colleague: Tu la org dah cakap tadi..

Amek ko Belon. Tu la berlagak lagi. Taubat ;(

P/s: I'm going back to KL tomorrow for a short holiday. Tak sabarrrrr!! ;D

The Shift

Dear Friends,

Sorry I've been on a short hiatus.. I miss writing.. & I miss u ;( 
Long story short, I've just encountered the shift, where a few important parts of my life started to change. It all happened so drastically that it's taken me quite some time to get myself together. My parents have moved overseas, I have been transferred to work outside semenanjung (for a few months) and I lost the love of my life. Let's just say that I lost a bit of motivation when all the people I love are so far away from me. But now Alhamdulillah.. everything is getting back into place and.. God sent me new lovely people 

Well.. it's not so bad after all ;) Got to explore this new place & learn the culture. & meeting new people ;D The girl besides me, Pnut, is a good friend of mine since university.. Couldn't be  more happier when I got to work and live together as housemates. Plus the two beautiful girls on the right, who makes me laugh all the time 

And at times.. I do get visitors too! Eva flew all the way to see meeee!! Well not exactly. She was here for work, but it realli made my day ;D

I sometimes wonder.. why things happened.. and changed at such a short period of time. Maybe God is testing me. But one thing for sure,

God has plan for me ;)