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Friday, April 22, 2011


From left: Aijud, Sakinah, me, Nadiah.

How we met.
Aijud was studying in Sydney, Sakinah & Nadiah were in NZ & me in Malaysia. Our paths crossed when all of us did our internship at the same company. I still can't believe that, 2 years ago, we were just little kids, messing around the lab & skipping work just for our own secret little meeting. Now we are, adults?  

Aijud is now working at KLCC, Nadiah is pursuing her master. As for me & Sakinah, we are now working at the same company. What more could I ask for than to have my good friend as my officemate/deskmate? And all of us are working in the same area. Thank u Allah for this gift :') 

We met again for reunion and to celebrate Aijud's birthday. The atmosphere was just the same like 2 years ago, the only difference is the topic of our conversation, we looked like adults (haha!) and our playground has changed its place. But hey, we still get to have our secret little meetings :)

P/s: If u notice, the layout of the pics is just the same like my previous post. It's because I'm addicted to Sakinah's Macbook webcam. Hehe. Sapa nak blanja saya Macboooook saya sayang dia ;P


sHazIela yUsSOF. said...

if u don't mind.how old r ue??
ur face just like teengers..;P

bellabelon said...

i'm 24 darling ;)

sHazIela yUsSOF. said...

lolx...macam 18..haha..;)

bellabelon said...

hehee yeke?? thank uuuu :DD