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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hello hello

Hello. It's been a while eh? :) Sharing with you a few photos from my engagement :D

I just love pink, polka-dots & pastels! The baju was made by a tailor introduced by friend, shoes are borrowed from my future sis in law =P, handwriting on the chalkboard was from my room mate in UTP, pelamin by Dsanding Zurayz, candy buffet by the wonderful twins of Cakewalk, hiasan hantaran by mum and doorgifts were DIY by me a few hours before the event. Hee. And all photos are from the amazing photographer Shah Zainal :)


sue. said...


Syg..i just love ur eDay..terus rasa macam..bila la my turn nk tunang ni...haha..dikesempatan ini nak ucapakan selamat menyambut Ramadhan Bella...

<3 u,

bellabelon said...

Tq sue! Tunang la cepat2 tau, best ;) Happy Ramadhan too sue! Much love <3