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Monday, July 4, 2011

Another part of Borneo

Pantai Kelambu, Kudat.

The Tip of Borneo.
(Dalam peta Msia ade bentuk kepala anjing kt sabah kan? Tip of Borneo tu kat hujung telinga anjing tu ;))

Bavanggazo Longhouse, Kudat.

Never in a million years would I've ever thought of sleeping under the kelambu in Rumah Panjang, 
falling over my face on a slippery rock surface of Tip of Borneo,
and seeing the most beautiful deserted beach in Sabah.

I am glad I just did ;')

Well how do u look when u laugh out loud on something?

I laugh like a zombie.


Ruziah Anam Jailani said...

welcom To Kudat...tempat sy yg sgt cantek.... :)

bellabelon said...

wah awk org kudat ke! kudat sgt cantek ;)

amalyna_teja said...

hi kawan abg!! hehe..
ur trip seems very fun n interesting!!
sleeping in a rumah panjang must be a whole new experience eh..
take care =)

bellabelon said...

Hi Amalyna ;)

Yeah it was! I thought it would be difficult to stay in a rumah panjang since we are so used to living in a proper & comfy house, but it was a really pleasant stay indeed! The people were friendly n the room was super comfy!Hee u should try it one day ;)

Take care too dear sis ;)