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Friday, July 8, 2011

Oh Crab.

Just came back from the daily trip to the sea.
I saw something I've never seen, this morning on the platform.
It happened, right before my eyes.
Not one, but three.

Oh crap.

I stood in amazement, couldn't believe my eyes.
The three tornados were getting bigger, approaching the platform.

I didn't manage to snap a pic, but it looked a lot like this.
(Source from here)

Masyaallah. I never knew tornado can strike Malaysian sea. Does anyone know whether it's normal if it happens at the sea?
For a second I thought that we all would get blown away by the tornado & thrown into the sea,
but alhamdulillah, the tornado dissapeared a few minutes later.

At night, when we reached the land after one whole day at the sea, we went straightaway for dinner at this one restaurant, Anjung Ketam. It's one of the famous seafood restaurants in Labuan. My God.. Sedap gilerrrr!!!

 Buttermilk Crab. 

Ketam Sambal.
Source from here

Sedap rasa nak nangis T_T
Tak kisah dah mulut bengkak2 sebab alergik.

I think I'm addicted now.

Oh crab.


Mun said...

tornado dekat malaysia? wow.

bellabelon said...

tu la. not sure if it's normal in the middle of the sea..