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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby baby.

Testing my new baby.
I gotta admit I'm a happier person now ;D
To those who celebrate,


princess said...

nice outfit . like it : )

bellabelon said...

tq princess ;)

FATI said...

aaaa i lovee dua dua poplook's dress tuuuu. im buying the tribal/ethnic dress tu hihi. please post gambar dgn lily-apa-ntah-nama blouse tu nnt k?

bellabelon said...

hi Fati! never thought people would recognize the dresses teehee ;)poplook offers beautiful dresses with affordable prices kan ;)pink lily ape ntah. oke once i dh pakai i'll post the pics k ;)

FATI said...

ahahaah memang punn. including postage kott. but im still a student so limited la ckit kan. haha. didnt manage to buy those tribal dress.dah soldout.unlucky me. hehe. looking forward for the pics :)

bellabelon said...

xpe2 mane tau dia restock lagi kan ;)tq Fati :D