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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bangun pagi gosok gigi

Cuci muka..

Pakai baju..

Pegi pantai..


The best thing about living in KK is that the beaches & islands are just a few kilometres away from the city. X payah plan bagai nak rak, pegi on the spot je =B

Me & my coach. Haha sape penah buat bangun 5.30am x mandi terus 
pegi joging tepi pantai? Cuba buat. Hilang stress. Konpem.

Hi ketam comelnye awak.

 I was so happy I shuffled.

 And then stuffed myself with heavy breakfast. So apa point joging td T_T

After breakfast we looked at the time. It was only 8am. What to do.

So we decided to go to another beach..

A little piece of heaven..

I present to u...

Karambunai ;')

 It's just half an hour drive from the city of KK.

Lepas ni bole la bosan2 dtg cni hari2 hihihi B)

 Happynye budak ni naek buggy.

Karambunai is like a private beach, has its own resort called Nexus Karambunai.
Tak payah bayar nak masuk beach, free je.
 Sape2 nak honeymoon, this is the perfect place hee.

On our way back, found this little cafe.
Bought macaroons for our perut.

Too much sweetness in one day.
I could do with a little more.