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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reality is..

Sorry for the long hiatus. I'm just having too much fun with reality :)
Here's life lately, captured by phone.

All time fav.

My new toy.

Banana Leaf mmmmm.

Ice cream cake yay!

Now that our offices are close, no more excuse not to meet my darling balqis :)

Hani has a new hoodie :D

In the checklist. Now batuk x bole makan -_-

Hello. Happy anni syg <3

New lepak place.

Met a new friend :)

I'm glad I found him :)


Aida Areej said...

Hi Bella! I have just recently became your follower, at least month ago. Seriously, i never heard of your name before but looking at those cute pics in the blog, then i began to realize that you are Maria Elena's friend. I love your blog! Yours are simple with lesser descriptions to read but suprisingly i found it really entertaining. Please give me more entries. And last by the way, you have made my day. Thank you.

bellabelon said...

Thanks for reading Aida ;) Looking forward to write more :D