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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rolller Coaster.

Hi my darling readers :)

I'm riding a rollercoaster right now. Explains the lack of posts in this space. Sorry :( Some of u may know that I work in Sabah before, but now I'm back in KL permanently with a new job which I'm in love with :) Apart from that, I met a guy who I'm deeply madly in love with too! :) Enjoying my life and I'm sharing it with u :)  I'm going to spill this good news to u. I'm getting engaged! Not gonna tell u when, it's gonna be a surprise ;) Put on ur seatbelt, ur going to ride the rollercoaster with me as there will be more posts after this :D Till then, take care & keep reading ya B)



Cik Cura said...

congrate bella=)

Tribalis said...

congratz! :)

myra abdullah said...

wow,congrat bella =D

i'm happy for you =)

bellabelon said...

tq darls ;)