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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

human error

I am blessed with a gift. Ruining things. I think I'm getting better in utilizing this gift.

Once, I was throwing stones at my brother, it landed on my uncle's car window. The window cracked, and I stood in silence.

Once, I hit my cousin on her head. In front of her father. I didn't know why I did it until now.

Once, I played in the playground, alone. And I broke my arm.

Once, I was trying to turn on the tv, at the same moment the lightning struck. The whole house blacked-out.

A few years ago, I spilled a glass of water on the keyboard of my laptop. The screen went black. Luckily, it went back to normal the next day. Feuuhhh.

Last year, I drank 100 plus from the bottle and accidentally spilled it on the same keyboard, the same laptop. The screen went black and it never came back to normal. There goes my laptop which has served me for 5 years.

Just a few months ago, I was driving, and it was raining. While I was trying to turn on the wiper, the handle broke automatically.

Yesterday, I went to Alamanda. I touched a shirt, and it fell down on the floor. Three times.

Just a few hours ago, I touched my ear, after chopping off the chillies. Duurggghhhhh.

Yeah I'm getting better at this.

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