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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Is this the end?

It's June.It's the month I've been waiting for. The month that I should have finished all the projects, the assignments, the sleepless nights I spent working on my last minute reports, presentation slides, tests, and exams. And the 5-year-and-a half studies in UTP. I should be happy. But June is also the month when everyone is going back home without ever coming back to UTP, when every place we went here felt like it's the last one,the rooms are emptied one by one, no more classes to attend to see your friends, no more hanging out with your friends, no more konvoi-ing when going back home. Although we might see each other again, it will never be the same again.Ahhhh sad.

Yesterday was my last exam EVER in UTP.

Happy faces outside, crying inside. Ahhhh sad.


s0dep said...

bakpo sedih~~

bellabelon said...

sedih la..nak habis da.x pecaye lg.huu