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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thank U Mr. Google

I went for an interview this morning. For management trainee post. 

I didn't bother to do research of the company because the name keep changing. The lady who called me said the company's name is XY, but when I checked the email I wrote to apply for the post, the company's name is YX. Well who cares. Maybe they'd changed the name.

So I went to the office this morning. They were very friendly,everybody greeted me. Wah mcm best. The boss and the managers interviewed me. I passed all 3 stages with flying colours. And terus dapat keje. Dah rasa pelik.

I went home and googled. Turned out it's a scam. The whole interview was a scam.
Buat habis minyak aku je.

Now the outside world scares me. I'll stay home until BIG and WELL KNOWN company calls me.


humairah said...

macam2 laaa.. tapi ko pegi tadi tu syarikat dia mesti nampak cam established gak kan secare fizikal..
tp bahaye nye..
alhamdulillah.. sedar awal sebelum terlambat.. =)

bellabelon said...

tu la..mase dia bcerita ak bkobar2..las2 ak rs pelik nape sng sgt dpt keje n gaji byk betul..huu..bahaya.. ak dh tkut nk g intrview..unless company yg mmg da established kn huu..

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

tapi pelik tul. why do they wanna interview u? and go thru all that stages.
do they get money?
weird nye..

yaya said...

hehehe... i have mention the job scam dah before...


luckily anda google!!!

bellabelon said...

maria: they interviewed me tu nak cukup syarat je. they are desperate untuk dapatkan pekerja. meaning, whoever got interviewed will definitely get the job. the scam is, i apply utk management trainee.tp keje i nanti sbenarnye mintak derma kat shopping mall. n God knows where the money will end up to.

Yaya: I read about ur post, tapi mase i got the call, n went for interview, i x rasa pelik pun sebab dia x mintak no akaun bank. until i got home n googled.

Fairoz Nadrah said...

scary nye bell..tp pelik knp diorg nk bazir masa bt tu semua..xkn tu semua pelakon..naseb ko x de pape..

bellabelon said...

sebab lagi ramai pekerja dia dapat tarik..lagi banyak income org atasan..cmtu la..huhu. kerja dia ada..tp x sama mcm yg kte expect..kt forum ramai ckp company tu scam. so better x payah kn huhu

kula said...

memang banyak keje scam macam tu skarang.. bukak booth di shopping mall, x pun keje2 yang buat bayaran untuk dapat keje tu..
harap2 pet panggil cepat. hahah

bellabelon said...

haah..exactly..malas dah cari keje! tggu pet je cepat lah pet panggil~

IRA said...

thanks for visiting my blog :) eyy..careful with the outside world..the world is no longer a safe place to stay..good luck to u!

bellabelon said...

tu lah..better luck nextime! hehee thanks Ira! :D