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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy

Going out on a rainy day. Being a passenger is a plus. Hehehe.

Jadi backdrop kumpulan ghazal :D

Cam-whoring in the toilet.

Having a great friend who understands your need to have your pictures taken without being
asked. Hihihi.

and of course, returning the favor ;)

buat sketsa hari raya tgh2 alam..

popiah at bazaar ramadhan~

Cam-whoring at bazaar ramadhan.. (model2 nano white :D)

Mouth-watering food @ Murni's

and mouth-watering dessert..

...buying things that aren't in your shopping list :P

and I have it all in one day.. :)

(Forgive my addiction of uploading pictures of food 3 days in a row -_-")


Fairoz Nadrah said...

rajin betol berbuka kat lua bel!

ezzah k. said...

santek blouse kamuuu!

bellabelon said...

peroz: sebab ade org rajin ajak n amek kt umah hee~

ezzah: hehee thanks ezzah!