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Friday, November 26, 2010

Rumah baru saya.

Tengok ni rumah baru saya.

 Dapur baru..

Sofa baru..

 Dapur baru lagi..

Cermin baru..

Katil baru..

Look familiar?
Hahaha yess tu Ikea la hihihi.
Best kan pegi Ikea seronok je tgk the deco.
Rasa macam nak angkut 1 ruang tamu, 1 bilik, 1 kitchen taruk kt rumah.
Besnyaaa kalau kayaaaa

Dengan Eva si peneman setia ke mana jua berada.

Tengah2 jalan tu,
Belon berangan jadi..

Fountain princess..


Garden princess.


Sila lah muntah :P


sue-sama said...

akak, comel nye baju

Adil said...

cute la awk pkai dress. Suits u.

bellabelon said...

sue: baju murah je hehee
adil: Thanks!Awk pkai jugak jom! :D

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

love the dress!! memang sangat belle! haha!

bellabelon said...

u pkai dress mesti cun melecunn!! pakai la maria~~

Ari said...

Bella! cantik la dress tuuuuu... beli kat maneeee.... cantik sangat!

bellabelon said...

Ari~ Cantik eh? I pk 2 3 kali nak pakai. Thank uuuuuu :)) beli kat PKNS Bangi. Dress murah jee

cik EPAL said...

comel la u =)

bellabelon said...

hai cik epal! thank u..awk pon comel :)

Sophie Al-yahya said...

comelneeyeee dress..sesuai dgn awk..

bellabelon said...

thank u :))

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