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Friday, December 10, 2010

Life couldn't get any happier than this :')

Being jobless & free (hihi), our weekly routine is to hunt the best makan place in town, where we all lepak & chitchatting until midnight. So last Wednesday Maria & Eva brought & 'tricked' me to go to this makan place called Group Base for dinner. What I didn't know is that, they're up 4 something! When I arrived there, I recognized a few familiar faces. One, two, three.. and when I reached the table, there was a whole bunch of my friends, screaming 4 me! OMG they're throwing me a surprise BIRTHDAY PARTYYYY!!!!

I was speechless, & nothing beats this wonderful feeling of having these wonderful friends who remember & care 4 u :')

Balqis had a wedding fitting while Maria just came back from work, but they still came 4 me. Terharu :')

From left, Ema, Maria & Syah :)

They all came straight frm work! I heart u guys muahhx3!!! ;)

Olololo baby Balqis nak suap~

My present. A Blackberry! Haha tipu je.The gorgeous lacy pink dress :D

From the bottom of my heart, I'm really touched,surprised,thankful & happy with what u guys did. This is the first ever surprise birthday party my friends have ever done for me :') You don't know how much this means to me, & you don't know how much u guys mean to me. You are God gifts from heaven :)

A special thanks, hugs, kisses & love to Eva Sarah, who was the backbone of this surprise :) She planned this a week before & made it looked flawless! Pandai la awak yer konon2 ajak kite makan dinner! Luv ya!

And thanks to u guys who are reading this,to my friends who remember & wished me. God bless you :)


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! buat review banyak2 ok sebab this blog will guide me to good places in KL!


bellabelon said...

Hehee tibe2 blog ni byk gmbar mknan pulak kan! Ariiiiii!!!! I'm glad u open ur blog back!! Happy~~

ezzah k. said...


bellabelon said...

bessss kalau ade ko mst lg bess~ :)

Lizzie Chuckguire said...

still rase rugi xgtaw kte ade kat sini..hehehe..anyway, kte da wat blog, bru je abeh construct semlm..=)

Call me apples,call me dia.. said...

Ur birthday???Must be belated by now..anyhow happy birthday dear!

bellabelon said...

Lizzie: hehe xpe nexyear kne join oke! will drop by to ur blog :D welcome to blogspot!

Appledia: Thank u sis :DD