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Monday, February 28, 2011

Las Vacas

I was on a food hunting mission last weekend (food, again..), but didn't know where to go. So we were wandering around PJ area, and started googling for the nearby restaurants. Found one named ' Fatty Crab'.. got excited straightaway.. and yelling in the car, " WARGHHH KETAM BESNYEEE JOMMM!!!"

Until we reached the place..

It was actually..

Hancur harapan nak makan ketam T_T

My friend was laughing at me macam orang gila. Demmit.

So I searched again & found Las Vacas. .

Feuhhhhh~ At last.. ;D

It was on Jalan-jalan Cari Makan last 2 weeks.
It's located in the housing area so tak sesak & x susah nak parking.
If you are looking for a makan place where you can relax & chill in the evenings,
and if you love meat & red walls (?????)..
then this is the perfect place for you..

and me! ;D

Kalau syg botol tu boleh bawak balik hee

Nampak biasa tp daging dia tebal 2 inci! Sedap! Kenyang gile! gile!

Lamb chop. Haha nampak sgt healthy sayur lagi banyak dr lamb :D
Sapa rasa x cukup order ler 6 keping lamb chop tu :D

Budak ni senang je nak bagi happy. Bagi makan terus senyum dan makan senyap2.

Sape2 nak try dtg la Las Vacas ni ;)
Gerenti perut bulat dgn bahagia :D



Anonymous said...

fatty crab tu seafood restaurant. dun worry it pork free cuma ade serve beer je.

bellabelon said...

yeh? takut masuk sebab it's a chinese restaurant..n pork free kadang2 doesn't mean halal..