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Friday, February 11, 2011

Si manis yg manis

The thing I appreciate most when I blog is that I make friends with other wonderful, smart, beautiful bloggers  (:

If u see my header above, it was designed & made by Aryana. She's one creative blogger & she takes good photos too!

And recently, this girl, Sue, she was so sweet to write about me on her latest post (: Read it HERE. Almost nangis sebab touching sgt. Hehee.

See, some things u don't expect to happen, happened. I never knew when I started blogging, that I would make friends with this wonderful people. Although I never met them, I know they are beautiful, inside & out (:

And to the ones who happened to read this, I know u are too! (:


Anonymous said...

Aha! I take that as compliment!
A bit weird since we don't see each other yet, but somehow I feel the vibe that our friendship is real.

Thank you so much for your effort, making a video special for me.



bellabelon said...

Hee kan! Mcm kte dah lama knal ;) I hope our friendship stays ;) chewah.

Btw, was the video ok? Nmpak clear x?
No worries, best plak bt video ;)
Since I malu nak post kt blog, I'm happy enough to show it to u hee ;)