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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Buku Baru.

I came across Yuna's blog one day, saw the notebook picture on the header, & fell in love straight away. But didn't know where to get it.

Just recently I saw the notebook again, in Ari's blog. & she told me where to get it! How internet can do wonders to u ;) Thank u Ari!

Gonna use it to the fullest ;D

And and.. I made new friends at work! 

 Farra & Sara, these cool people made me smiles all day!

And and..
I kept my promise to be fit!


Gonna write it all in my new notebook now.
Happy weekend everyone!



Ari said...

Let's make full use of it! We're in the same team now.

Btw, I miss commenting here. Like I used to do.


bellabelon said...

Ari I really owe u tau! kte mesti jumpe kalu u trun kl nanti :D

Yeah I miss u here too! Good luck for u new sem tau! :D