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Sunday, March 6, 2011

2 in 1



I was in the mood to dress up yesterday cuz it's been a loooooooooooooongg week!! Work gets tougher  these days & I looked like zombie at home. A few hours of beauty sleep & a perfect weekend is all I need to recharge. Hee!

So I went to Bijou bazaar during the day & watched Terima Kasih Cinta at night. The theatre is adapted from the movie Cinta. The storyline is more or less the same, & tak sedih sgt mcm Cinta. But still, I cried everytime the actors started singing. Their voices & the feel they put into the songs are just, remarkable. You can feel it. When I looked at my friends, they all act cool. I realized I was the only one crying. Damn I'm such a hopeless romantic.

I didn't know UMNO building looked like this at night! TNB's gonna be rich.

And I found the best icecream apple pie in town today.

Will update on that later ;D

Happy Monday! Jangan Monday blues yer kawan2!



nurul farhana said...

u went on sat's night? me too! haha i pun duduk dkt area ur photoview tuh.

bellabelon said...

yup!! seriously!! i duduk dekat 2nd row dr tmpat org duduk plg depan. dekat dgn pintu tepi! u kat blakang i ke??!!

Adil said...

Love the outfits! Your hijab cool gila la. Suka sbb bling bling.

bellabelon said...

Hee thks adil! awak..kte dah g aryani tgk tdung mcm awak..x jmpe pun? tdung awk tu bunga tepi ke tgh? selendang kan?

nurul farhana said...

tiket i dkt row K. yours? hehe i pun p sana xpndg org sgt. just for the show :)

bellabelon said...

x ingat la darl. mmber yg pgg tiket hee ;P was the show good 4 u?

nurul farhana said...

i did enjoy the show. mostly because of the songs selected & how the cast brings it :)

*btw tix bruno mars sold out! like what la kan. haihh*

bellabelon said...

kan? bile dorg menyanyi meremang bulu roma~

tu la my friend ade bgtau. sedih ;(