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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hari Jadi Gelap.

I didn't know that planning a birthday surprise could be hmm.. tricky?
It was so close to get 'kantoi' by the birthday girl, but alhamdulillah, it went well!!
Thanks to a little 'drama' played well by the good actors. And the birthday girl actually believed it ;D
Misi berjaya weehooooooo~

 The only thing that was not on the plan was that we forgot it was Earth Hour.. so we celebrated in the dark.. and more.. romantic ;)

 The surprise was sooooo well planned that the birthday girl actually sang along the 'Happy Birthday' song played by the restaurant! The song was meant for her but she thought it was for someone else, so she sang along until she saw the cupcakes and...

 realized it was actually for her.. and she was speechless ;)

Yes darling, our best friend, Maria Elena was there too ;)
Credit to her for all the pictures ;)

Happy Birthday Eva Sarah ku sayang!!!

From us with LOVE 


janna sapei said...

comel semua.heppy burfday eva:)

bellabelon said...

hee tq janna! ;D