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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Double Trouble.

Saje je.

I want to talk about roommate.

I think having the right roommate is important. Say you are a neat and organized person, and u loveeeeeee tidying up ur room, wanting it looking at its best. However, your roommate is a total opposite. She'd spill her clothes everywhere, doesn't like making up her bed, turn on the light when it's time to sleep. Oh well of course you can't stand this for long kan. And then u have to find a new room to stay and that's another hassle.
This is why having a right.. or should I say an understanding roommate, is important. 

I think the only solution for this is communication. Even if she's not a neat person like you, even if she likes the idea of turning on the lights during sleep time, given the right way communication, she'll compromise and respect u better. The right way oke.. jangan gi attack dia dengan penyapu. Hehee. Kalau dia x dengar jugak blah je ;P

Luckily, during my university years, I had the best roommate I could have ever asked for . I was a moody person, I tidied up my room when I feel like to and when workloads came in, my room looks like hell. I was also constantly getting the fever and flu. My wonderful roommate, was such a sweetheart, she'd tidy up my bed and workstation whenever I'm in rush and didn't have time to do so (bukan selalu eh hihi) ,I would go.. "aahhhhh~" .. And when I'm sick she'd tapau for me and bought me panadol.. For a good 5 years. I was blessed ;)

Now presenting... my roommate~

She came to see me all the way from Perak. Hehe bukan me, sebenarnye nak dating dgn bf dia. But hey she came to see me time tgh dating. Sweet tu! Love u rum8!

Now go give ur roommate some love too!

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