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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I was too lazy curling up on the bed last weekend, when suddenly a roll of sticky rice topped with crab & mayonnaise appeared on my mind. 

Betul ke pegang chopstick mcm tu?

Dragged Hanum along & went to my kedai runcit, Alamanda to cheer up my tummy.

I watched movie too, 127 hours. Dahsyat gle dia potong tangan sendiri!! -_-"

Oh something happened when we were watching the movie.
Hanum lost her purse.
We realized it after the movie ended.
We went back to the cinema to check but it was gone.
When we asked the cleaners if they saw it,
well of course la the answer was,

I'm not accusing anybody here but whoever the thief was,
if you saw the purse & tempted to take the money,
take the money but please,
leave the rest!
Nak buat ape dgn IC, atm card & lesen org lain?
It's not like you know the PIN number & guna IC org tu pun?

And I'm pretty sure the thief is not gonna read this pun,
but tunggu la,
he/she will absolutely have to answer this to God.

So to all ladies out there,
I have a suggestion.
If you know you are going to a cinema,
 try putting your IC, driving license and other important cards separately from your money.
It's better to not bring your purse at all.
You never know. One minute you are buying the popcorns,
your hands are full & you put you purse in between your arms,
and the next thing you know it fell down under the cinema's seat.
You don't want that kan?

On another unrelated note, I've been feeling lost due to a few hmm..circumstances?
So right now I'm trying to keep myself together..
Jangan jatuh Nabila!