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Monday, September 26, 2011

Love your job. It will love u back.

When everybody's stuck in the traffic jam/lrt to work every morning,
We're already at the sea port, waiting for the boat to bring us to a one & a half hour journey to the sea.
When everybody's dressed up, wearing heels to work,
We wear coveralls with heavy boots on our feet.
When everybody goes for a lepak at mamak after work,
We catch the boat to go back to the land and slept on the boat floor.
But we love our job.
Here's the prove.


After a few minutes lying on the boat floor,
The sea gets rough and the sea water splashes on our face.

Yes, your job will love u back.


Anonymous said...

awk keje company ape? kalo ade vacancy bgitau la..mcm best keje kat tepi laut.cleanr pun xpe.heee

bellabelon said...

oil n gas consultant je ;)