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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rescue 911.

Lately I've been complaining about my stay in Labuan.

Pfftttt. Takde shopping malls.
Pfftttt. Takde tempat karaoke.
Pfftttt. Takde tempat lepak best.
Pfftttt. Kawan tak ramai nak lepak.
Pfftttt. Wayang pon takde nak tgk movie kt mana?

And the list goes on.

But I found a new list.
It's called "Things I'm thankful for in Labuan" ;)

People here, the people in Labuan whom we are working with, have been accepting us well ;)
So far we've been invited to 3 open houses, and there's one more coming this Friday ;D

And because I only brought one baju kurung, how can I wear the same one to all open houses T_T
Here comes the rescue.
Labuan is the home for cheap and beautiful/quality fabrics =')

One day I was worried of what to wear to an open house, so I went down my apartment and straightaway found a baju kurung kedah at one shop..

And I got it for RM50.
Yes u heard me right. 1 pair for RM50.
I owe u Labuan ;')

Wore it for beraya at one village in Labuan, near the beach.
And tasted my 1st Soto Makasar. 
Sedap gile =')

I love u Labuan!