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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Green with Envy.

Ignore the title. Hehee.

I'm not athletic. Never was & never will. I know that for a fact. The only sports I play is singing in a band. Does it considered as sports? I hope so.

Last weekend Muni & Azam asked me to join them for Broga trip. I was excited. You could tell I was. I drove all the way from Putrajaya to sleep at Muni's place in Ampang on Saturday night & woke up the next morning at 4am. I was excited not because I had nothing to do, but because I love nature so much that I'm willing to wake up at 4am for hiking. Oke I'm lying. Hehee.

So there I was, feeling excited as I was about to hike the hill which pictures are everywhere on facebook. And I thought hiking Broga Hill was easy.

We were not even halfway through the trip, when I sat down & my eyes went black. Dalam hati Azam & Muni mesti kata
"Gila apa baru 15 minit panjat dah penat budak ni".

I said,
" Korang naik la dulu. Aku x boleh pegi dah. Serius. Korang naik, bile korg turun, aku turun skali dgn korg. Aku tunggu sini yeh".

Azam, being the concerned ketua kumpulan, said, " Eh xde2. Xde maknenye ktorg tinggalkan ko kat sini. Ko boleh punye. Just take your time. rest kejap.Ktorg tunggu."

So they gave me mineral water & Mentos. Half an hour later, I reached all the 4 peaks of Broga Hill!!! Yeay!!!

Ni kat New Zealand. Hehe tipu lagi.

To those who thought I am not fit,especially Azeanty, this entry is for you hehehehee =P

So yeay, I made it!! B) B) B)


hanabanana said...

where is this broga situated? been wondering all this while :P

bellabelon said...

kat semenyih~ lepas je univesity of Nottingham :)