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Monday, July 26, 2010

She's Definitely SOMETHING

My fav song, Penakut.

Yes.I am obsessed with her. What's there not to like about her? Her voice is unique, her skills in playing guitar is undeniable, she has her own style sampai semua pun nak ikut pakai tudung macam dia, & she's talented.

I can't believe my eyes when I see her in front of me, just about to start the show with her 1st song. I cried. Believe me I did. I cried with excitement :')

Here's a few pictures from Yuna's Decorate Album launch.

The stage setup & lighting were perfect! It's like she knows my fav colour ;P

Performing her 1st song, Gadis Semasa. I cried. Mcm budak2 hoho.


After the third song, I couldn't hold it anymore. I screamed,

"I Love Youuuuuuu!!!!!"

I was not sure whether she heard me or not.

But then she went to the mic, smiling and said,

"I Love You Too."

I was flying :)

Eh ade break 15mins. Bace buku jap :D

My dream comes true. Hihihihi.

Goodie bag. Dapat Libresse yow.

All in all, the performance was spectacular, beyond my expectation. The song arrangement was perfect, Yuna & the band really did a great job. The frontman of Love Me Butch who sat behind me, stood and clapped at the end of the show. AG Coco from Hujan & Hanafi from Estranged contributed with the band, and singer Atilia came to support. That's how influential Yuna is.

Two more videos from her album launch.

Deeper conversation.


Yuna, if you can hear me, I Love You.


Fairoz Nadrah said...

best nye bell!!suke g konsert2 nih..huhu..monster party pon x g..mier ada kene spend masa ngn die la..

bellabelon said...

huhu tu la. mmg worth sgt the ticket. enjoy gilaaa. g mane dgn mier haritu?

humairah said...

ahhh.. sedap gile suara~

humairah said...

ahhh.. sedap gile suara~

bellabelon said...

kan..lg bes dari norah jones! hehe. sampai 2x comment tu omay ye ye ak tau sore dia sdap~ hihi

YUNALIS said...

i love you too..

p/s : kagum tak yuna baca blog ni??


tipu je...ni wawa lahh...hahahaha..

bellabelon said...

dah agak dah! love u more~

Achan Sinclair said...

Biasa je..tak eksaited pun~hahaha... pura-pura keras

bellabelon said...

hek eley lu..cakap besar~ tgk blog ko yg lagi excited kot!