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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kerana Kau Adikku

Today's Muhamad Arif Ridhwan's 18th birthday.

He's my brother, a stubborn,annoying, arrogant one. But most of the time, he's such a sweetheart.

When I'm hungry at 2am in the morning, he'll buy me food.

I got mad, he'll knock on my door to give me chocolates.

I got bored, he'll go karaoke with me.

If I'm lonely, he'll go shopping with me.

I broke my music box, he fixed it.

I got my heart broken, he fixed it too.

He's more than a friend, more than anyone could ask for in a brother.

When he was 13 years old. Lame gilaaaa.

Muke seposen lepas teman shopping.

Look at the man he's become. Dari rambut nerd ke rambut landak.Hehee.

Today's his birthday. I treat him with one slice of Chocolate Indulgence. But he treats with nasi with tomyam, ikan 3 rasa,kailan ikan masin,& telur bungkus, my favourite. I told u he's such a sweetheart ;')

Arif, Happy 18th Birthday.I wish u lots of love, health & all the happiness in the world. I love u. U know I do everytime I yell at u when u wake up late in the morning


KERAK NASI said...

music box mne yg rosak??

bellabelon said...

yg wa bg tu..hehe

woody said...

wish happy birthday to ayiep for me.. :D

Adil said...

Super cute post!!!! So schweet! Happy Birthday Arif!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bellabelon said...

bonzer: hehe will do! meh aa trun pjaya lepak dgn dia :D

Adila: Thx Adila! Bile kte nk shopping ni? :P

Anonymous said...

i like ur brother

bellabelon said...

yeah, there's zero reason not to like him :)