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Monday, October 11, 2010

Misi Gagal

Today I went for an interview with a bank, for Relationship Manager position.
Usually I get nervous when it comes to interview, but I was too sleepy to even feel my heartbeat. Haha.
I waited for 2 hours and by the time they called me in, I was yawning. So much for first impression. Nampak sgt x berusaha. Hehee.
So I went in. Blah blah blah blah..
Until the interviewer said, "I'm going to give u a chance here. U can start anytime right?"
Hoah. I was happy. Seriously dapat terus? I'm really desperate to get this job. I need it. I'm broke man. Alhamdulillah.
She asked me. " Are u bonded with company P?"
I can't lie. I can't. I couldn't. Hu hu.
I said, " Yes, only for three months. If I don't get the placement, I'm released."
She said. " Oh. But if i take u now, it will be unfair to us because if company P called u, u'll leave us, after all the training we give u."
I was speechless. Honestly, she's right. Of course it will be unfair to them.
She saw the disappointment on my face n said, " I tell u this, let say company P releases u, then u give me a call."
So there was my goodbye, I went out without knowing whether to be happy or sad. Maybe sad. Maybe both. Happy because maybe, she saw my potential.
Tough luck.

After that I went to Sogo to get my lunch. I called my exclassmate, Siveranjini for a lunch date. Lucky I have her to accompany me after the interview. At least I have someone to talk to, at least I didn't cry in the train on my way home. Haha.

Isn't she pretty? Lovin her hair :)

When I reached home, another bank called me for an interview on Thursday.
I should be MENTALLY prepared eh?
Hu hu hu.


Eva said...

waaa nape sume interview kt bank ni! hehe. goodluck banker!

bellabelon said...

haha kte main apply sume kt jobstreet, yg cal kte sume bank. huhu thx eva!

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

siver kotttt..
hottest chick in campusss~~

bellabelon said...

maria u pun hot juge auwww~~