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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

after midnight

After midnight I shall kidnap you from the world
And I'll keep you in my room
Hush now my love and hold my hand
After midnight I shall take you to a place
Where no one else should know of
Hush now my love and hold my hand

You are exactly where you supposed to be
And if they come for you
They would have to find me...

...my puding karamel ooo woooo lalala~~

skali 4 rembat trus. .konon nak cukup stok 4 hari x payah g bazar..tamaknye ko belon x syg badan kaaa..
xpa2 bulan puasa ja~


KERAK NASI said...

tipu la sgt bln posa je..


n@jwamz said...

uiyoo nice!! ma fav cream caramel too!! (T_T)
hepi fasting darl..may Allah bless u wit His rahmah :)

bellabelon said...

kerak: betul laaaaaaaa!!!

n@jwamz: bes kan karamel! thank u..happy fasting too dear :)