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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gitaris Capuk

I always have passion for music. I can't live one day without listening to music. It's like a therapy. To celebrate when I'm in my ups, and to lift me up when I'm at my worst.

Today I decided to open my old textbook.

I must say it's hard to digest the notes. Last time I studied was a year ago. With this cool teacher.

Meet Steve. He's a composer for Akademi Fantasia. Cool weyh. I miss u Steve! I feel like taking his class again. When I'm employed nanti. Sekarang tgh rabak -_-".

So today I learned Rocket by Yuna. It wasn't smooth, but at least I achieved something hihihi.

Now let's play.


humairah said...

you're like rocket in my mind...

bellabelon said...

That’s waiting to define everything about me no one knew
And you stick like a poster on my wall
As if you dont wanna move~